The problem I faced with the Wacom Intuos S without Bluetooth in Ubuntu 18.04

My new Wacom Intuos S connects to my Ubuntu laptop and responds to input, but only its left half (or really, left third) works properly. If I move my stylus outside the rectangular area, my cursor still responds to the vertical movement (i.e. moving my stylus still causes my cursor to go up and down) but no longer to the horizontal movement (i.e. moving my stylus does not cause my cursor to move left to right).

How I fixed Wacom Intuos S without Bluetooth in ubuntu 18.04


Table of content

  • Setting up Django project and app
  • Setup Stripe
  • Creating Checkout Session
  • Webhook
  • Saving the customer order in the database
  • Testing our app

Setting up Django project :

django-admin startproject stripeIntegrate

Next, we need to create an app. Before typing a command to make an app…

I have started to create a series on python3 for beginners. This series will not help you only learn python but will also make your core python skills better and will set a great foundation for learning, web development as well as data science.

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Why is this series going to be different than other tutorials available?

When I was new to python programming, I struggled a lot to learn different concepts and took a variety of courses to learn python. Soon after learning python, I focused on learning…

It is a test just to judge your knowledge on freelancing and Upwork’s working ethics which includes

  • Upwork’s terms & conditions
  • Upwork’s Policies

It will test you on with the 10 questions like how to accept projects and payments on Upwork or how to work with clients in a completely secured and professional environment.



#upwork #freelancing

In this tutorial, you can learn about how to get your first Upwork job by just following a few tips. Before starting let me introduce myself a bit, my name is Nitin Raturi and I am a verified Upwork freelancer with a 100% success score, so you can trust me on my tips. Here is my Upwork profile link:

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Platform to connect student and tutors. An opensource project developed for the purpose of learning. It is built on top of Django, Djangorestframework and Vue.js. There might me few things missing from the project, you can make them according to your needs. Just fork and create a pull request if you found a bug fixed something, so that others can benefit from this.


Let’s setup the project now

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A chrome extension for managing urls using action buttons.

For example: You have a website ( and there is a query parameter mob=false i.e., ?mob=false , that is used to render a mobile site. So everytime you have to modify your url mob=false and mob=true. Imagine if you have 10 or 20 or more, is not this a head ache to change the parameters everytime to render a different page. If you are having a similar kind of problem or is related than this extension is for you.

Read documentation from this article :

In this tutorial we will create a multipage web application using django, react and webpack.

This means:

  • Instead of handling routes by react, django will handle all the routes and once a route has been loaded, its upto you whether you want react to create different routes for that particular page or not.
  • Webpack will handle all the staticfiles headache i.e., all the optimizing stuff such as compressing and minifying.
  • Static files bundled by webpack will be served by django.

Let’s start


Read full article here:


Pre configured django project for making development fast, by cutting the initial setup time.


  • Django version 2.2.8 (LTS)
  • Ideal directory structure
  • Manage multiple environments
  • Logging configured
  • Extended User model i.e., apps.users.User
  • Compressor and Minifier Implemented.
  • Pages app for static pages
  • Django-rest-framework & simple-jwt configured
  • [OPTIONAL] Sitemap implemented i.e., conf/ and conf/ #uncomment to use.


  • Python3
  • Memcached
sudo apt-get install memcached

Clone now:

What is Coronavirus : Covid-19

How does COVID-19 spread?

COVID-19 appeared in Wuhan, a city in China, in December 2019. Although health officials are still tracing the exact source of this new coronavirus, early hypotheses thought it may be linked to a seafood market in Wuhan, China. Some people who visited the market developed viral pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. A study that came out on Jan…

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