The problem I faced with the Wacom Intuos S without Bluetooth in Ubuntu 18.04

How I fixed Wacom Intuos S without Bluetooth in ubuntu 18.04


Table of content

  • Setting up Django project and app
  • Setup Stripe
  • Creating Checkout Session
  • Webhook
  • Saving the customer order in the database
  • Testing our app

Setting up Django project :

django-admin startproject stripeIntegrate

  • Upwork’s terms & conditions
  • Upwork’s Policies

  • Instead of handling routes by react, django will handle all the routes and once a route has been loaded, its upto you whether you want react to create different routes for that particular page or not.
  • Webpack will handle all the staticfiles headache i.e., all the optimizing stuff such as compressing and minifying.
  • Static files bundled by webpack will be served by django.


  • Django version 2.2.8 (LTS)
  • Ideal directory structure
  • Manage multiple environments
  • Logging configured
  • Extended User model i.e., apps.users.User
  • Compressor and Minifier Implemented.
  • Pages app for static pages
  • Django-rest-framework & simple-jwt configured
  • [OPTIONAL] Sitemap implemented i.e., conf/ and conf/ #uncomment to use.


  • Python3
  • Memcached
sudo apt-get install memcached

What is Coronavirus : Covid-19

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